Simply put, Madewell makes great jeans. They also focus on all the things you wear with denim, like timeless leather jackets, keep-forever bags, slouchy tees and compliment-worthy shoes.  Their clothes are artful, your personal touches—the tuck of a shirt, the roll of a sleeve, etc. Madewell sees their clothes as timeless but also very much of the time, i.e., styles you turn to again and again. As well as being sexy yet still able to borrow from the boys and add their own spin. Madewell likes the unexpected from small details you can’t help but notice to surprising outfit combos that just work. According to the dictionary effortless is defined, “requiring or showing little or no effort,” and that’s how Madewell likes to get dressed.


Phone: (504) 459-4512

Monday–Saturday: 10am–9pm
Sunday: 12pm–6pm

Where to Park: JCPenny Parking Garage
Best Entrance: Food Court Entrance (see below)