After working as successful athletic retail store managers, Glenn Campbell and Scott Molander decided to start their own business after identifying baseball-style caps as an undervalued niche in mall retail.

'When we spoke with shopping mall executives about how we were convinced everybody needs or can be persuaded to buy a hat, we were told that we were nuts,' said Campbell. 'But if a cookie shop can just sell cookies or a pretzel shop can just sell pretzels, why not hats?'

Finally, a shopping mall in Lafayette, Indiana gave Campbell and Molander their shot from which they sold more than 6,000 hats during the 1995 holiday season. With that successful holiday season behind them the duo acquired a modest private financial placement and opened five more stores their first full year. 


Phone: (504) 239-1813

Monday–Saturday: 10am–9pm
Sunday: 12pm–6pm

Where to Park: Near Macy's / Pottery Barn
Best Entrance: Pottery Barn Entrance (see below)