LEGO takes pride in their contribution to children. Since 1932, their biggest contribution has been to provide children with fun, engaging, and high quality play experiences that develop their essential skills. Children’s best interests and well-being are at the very core of LEGO’s values. That is why they are active and engaged promoters of upholding high product safety standards in the toy industry, and why they want to pioneer business conduct that promotes responsibility towards children.

• When children play, they develop vital skills. LEGO is a provider of fun, engaging and creative play experiences that help children develop social, emotional and intellectual skills, laying a foundation that lasts a lifetime. The LEGO® System in Play is unique in that it combines structure, logic and creativity, which enables learning through play by reasoning systematically and thinking creatively.

• LEGO produces high-quality and safe products that benefit the value of play for all children worldwide, and they work purposefully on pioneering product safety and quality throughout the entire toy industry.

• A large part of their dedicated work lies in promoting responsibility towards children and includes promoting children’s rights and well-being. In their daily business, they commit to the 10 Children’s Rights and Business Principles that guide organizations on how to conduct business responsibly towards children.  


Phone: (504) 831-0815

Monday–Saturday: 10am–9pm
Sunday: 12pm–6pm

Where to Park: Macy’s Parking Garage
Best Entrance: J. Crew / Express Entrance (see below)