Scriptura has a beautiful letterpress studio filled with antique presses
(the oldest is from 1906!), which they have pulled out of retirement to produce their own line of stationery and invitations.  

Using the most gorgeous papers from around the world, they strive to create products and invitations that feel timeless. Letterpress creates a beautiful impression into the paper so that you can see the dimension. People hold letterpress papers like they are precious, and they are. The Scriptura team feeds each one by hand into the presses, making sure that they are as perfect as the Scriptura team can make them. They printers have been at it for years, and take pride in producing invitations that are works of art.

Scriptura employs a staff of designers and illustrators who are at the ready to create something beautiful. 

They have a passion for typography and have amassed a collection of vintage monograms and modern scripts from which they can pull to create just the right mood. Several illustrators on staff mean that they can draw anything from a portrait to the perfect drawing of the house where you'll be getting married. They are type geeks in just the right way: you might hear squeals of excitement when they find that perfect new font. 


Phone: (504) 219-1113

Monday–Saturday: 10am–6pm
Sunday: Closed

Where to Park: Corner of 17th and Severn Ave.