Bare Minerals believes every little choice a customer makes has the power to create a big difference. As the creators of clean, natural makeup, Bare Minerals is here to help you take care of your skin, your beauty, and your sense of wellbeing through the little choices you make every day. To bring you makeup that's full of what's good, and free of what harms.

Bare Minerals also wants to share a bigger sense of purpose that goes beyond makeup.  Believing that the world is full of opportunity and free of limitations. That's why Bare Minerals is on a mission to help you, your community and the world around you feel the power of good.


Phone: (504) 832-9788

Monday–Saturday: 10am–9pm
Sunday: 12pm–6pm

Where to Park: Near Macy's / Pottery Barn
Best Entrance: Pottery Barn Entrance (see below)