The Kids’ Castle

Lakeside Shopping Center

The Kids’ Castle

Lakeside Shopping Center proudly announces the Kids’ Castle sponsored by Children’s Hospital, The Parenting Center and the Family Birthing Center at Touro, where kids play to their hearts delight!

The Kids’ Castle is NOW OPEN and ready to welcome your children to play! Visit the Kids’ Castle at the entrance of the Food Court on the Severn Street side of the Lakeside property.

The Kids’ Castle features a modern take on a fairy tale theme with whimsical play elements including: dragons, a prince frog, Jack and The Bean Stalk, a castle kids can climb through, and a (Louisiana) alligator, of course. Plus, the play space has a hand washing station, baby changing counters, a family restroom and three nursing rooms.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sundays: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The Kids’ Castle is free to the public.


Have Fun!

Parental Supervision Required

No drop-offs. All adults present need to be with a child.

Get Ready to Play

Please remove your shoes and wash your hands before entering (shoes, toys, refreshments are not allowed). Socks are required.

Play Nice

No rough play or crude language allowed. Respect the equipment and staff.


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