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MLK Dream Artwork – Fresh Paint – Microsoft

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., students will learn to create and share their own digital art with the Fresh Paint app for Windows 10, and then create their own artwork inspired by MLK’s “I have a dream speech.

They’ll explore the basics of Fresh Paint, using life like oil and watercolors, pastels, and more to craft their own creations.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have the chance to use their new skills to create artwork that expresses what “I have a dream” means to them.

The parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult caregiver of every camp participant under 17 years of age must sign a Participation Agreement upon arrival.

The dates for these events are:

January 12th 4-6 pm
January 13th 10 am -12pm
January 14th 12-2pm

And on January 15th, the ‘MLK Community Event’ from 4-6pm



Lakeside Shopping Center