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BLOCK PARTY! Watch MINECON Earth at Microsoft Store!

Minecrafters! Join us at Microsoft Store and celebrate your love for all things blocky and brilliant with our official MINECON Earth Viewing Party!

As well as broadcasting the show itself, there’ll be prizes, giveaways, costume contests and, of course, plenty of opportunity to play Minecraft itself. Test your elite competitive skills against the best your community has to offer, or collaborate on mighty builds in creative mode – it’s up to you! Oh, and there’ll be free food and drinks, too!

The live broadcast starts at11 AM on Saturday, November 18.

Be aware: space is limited! The first 30 attendees in line starting at11:00 AM will receive priority for seating and gaming opportunities. If more than 30 people are in line at that time, the priority spots will be raffled off. Attendees will be admitted 30 minutes prior to the broadcast start time.



Lakeside Shopping Center